Established in 1992, Impact Design International (IDI) has evolved as a leading-edge design firm having built one of the largest Architectural and Interior Design operations across the Asia Pacific, & the greater part of the Middle East, with a multi-faceted operational focus. The firm holds fort at the cutting edge of the design practice for over thirty years with a time-tested track record of enhancing the built environment through the power of design, in turn, empowering clients to harness maximum returns from IDI-executed projects.

What sets IDI apart is its ability to empower clients by providing them with maximum user control over their environment. This often necessitates guiding/refining clients’ views, ideas & notions of their perceived spaces & creating efficient projects that contribute to human welfare in a larger social context.


IDI’s philosophy is built on the dual concepts of clients services, and design excellence. In fact, we view design itself as part of our service mantra. Successful projects align strategy, architecture and planning with the widest, most imaginative definitions of the clients vision.

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